Laser Cutting

Cincinnati Incorporated CL-440 Laser (Installed 2014)
  • 6.5’×13′ dual pallet cutting area with ball transfers for no mar handling of aluminum and stainless steel
  • 4,000 watt PRC CO2 resonator for low operating costs and high-performance industrial laser cutting
  • Ultra-fast 12,020″ per minute linear motors with high acceleration/deceleration
  • Advanced control and powerful ProNest featuring: true shape nesting, advanced common line cutting, chain cutting, skeleton auto crop and skeleton cut up, collision avoidance with head down cutting, industry software file import compatibility (.dwg, .iges, .sld, .nc1, dxf, and more)
  • 20’×30′ underhung overhead crane with Anver vacuum lifter for flexible and efficient material handling
  • 48″×48″ Virtek Laser QC for fast and easy quality assurance
Cincinnati Incorporated CL-960 Fiber Laser (Installed 2017)
  • 6,000 watt IPG fiber laser source
  • 5’x10′ dual pallets
  • Automatic nozzle changer
  • Raise/lower ball transfers for fast no mar handling of all surface critical materials
  • 12,020″ per minute linear magnet drive motors
  • 3G head acceleration
  • Maximum 7,200″ per minute cut speeds! Ultra-high speeds in ¼” thick (and under)
  • ¾” thick aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel
  • High-pressure nitrogen cutting (clean cut) of carbon steel to 3/8″ thick and ¾” aluminum and stainless steel
  • Laser oxide free, bright cut edges. Ready for powder coat and other applications
  • Area safety scanner
  • Donaldson Torit Powercore fume filter
  • 10K Trifecta X series with vaporizer and cryogenic liquid nitrogen bulk tank. This set-up delivers cost effective high purity, high volume, and high pressure nitrogen assist laser cutting gas

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Robot Welding

  • 2009 Panasonic PerformArc PA-102S- turn table w/ TAWERS robotic welding
  • 2008 Panasonic PerformArc PA-112S turn table w/TAWERS robotic welding
  • 2004 Genesis Systems Versa FT (Fanuc robot, Lincoln power supply) stationary table robotic welding

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Vibratory Finishing

  • 7 conventional (bowl) machines (3 to 20 cubic foot)
    • Polishing/burnishing
    • Deburring
    • Cleaning
    • Edge breaking
  • 1 Auto unloader (15 cubic foot)
  • 2 Overhead Drive
  • Large selection of media and cleaning compounds with automatic Dosatron metering
  • Infrared parts drying conveyor with blowoff
  • Water soluble and oil-based rust inhibitors

Die Casting

  • 400 ton Lester cold chamber aluminum die cast machine w/ gas fired 600 pound furnace
  • 700 ton Lester cold chamber aluminum die cast machine w/ gas fired 600 pound furnace (Fully rebuilt in 2017)
  • 2 hydraulic trim presses (As new as 2016)


  •  Assembly presses and stations


  • 2014 VIRTEK laser QC machine with 48″x48″ table
  • 2012 Faro Arm Edge 8′ area portable CMM
  • Cam2 Measure 10 software (actively subscribed/updated)
  • Laser scanner
  • 2012 Standridge Granite surface plate and table- 6’x3’x8″ with (4) custom mounts/hold downs for Faro Arm standard base
  • 24″ Mitutoyo digital caliper
  • 18″ Mitutoyo digital height gauge
  • 60″ vernieer caliper
  • (2) full pin gauge sets
  • (3) Surface plates
  • Wilson digital protractors
  • Mitutoyo Surface roughness tester with multiple stylus
  • Various micrometers, depth and diameter gauges and machine squares


Precision Plasma Cutting

  • Messer Cutting Systems MetalMaster Plus (Installed 2012)
  • Global Control Plus glass touchscreen control with Virtual Service
  • 96″ x 240″ cutting area
  • Hypertherm HPR400XD power supply (2″ production pierce capacity with a hole ratio of less than 1:1 in many materials)
  • Slagger self-cleaning down draft table with Donaldson Torit fume collector
  • Laser-like quality (machine motion accuracy exceptional at +/-0.002″ over any 6′ x 10′ area)
  • Full suite of ProNest (True shape nesting, advanced common line cutting, advanced chain cutting, skeleton auto crop, industry software file import compatibility – such as .nc1 file types and others)
  • Global Tracker software for machine time management
  • Fully networked

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CNC Forming/Bending

  • Cincinnati MaxForm MX90 with 10′ bend length (8′ between housings) Autocrown, 6-axis LT linear motor CNC back gage, 6″ extended stroke (14″ total), ultra high-speed ram travel, 3D graphical CNC control, power tool clamping, front work supports (Installed 2013)
  • Cincinnati ProForm 230 Ton-12′ bend length (10′ between housing) Auto Crown, 2 axis CNC Heavy Duty back gage, glass touchscreen control, bolt on ram nose (Installed 2010)
  • Cincinnati CBII 135 ton with 8′ bend length (6′ between housing) single axis CNC back gage, glass touchscreen CNC control upgrade (Installed 1998 – Factory new specs in 2009)
  • Toyakoki 30 ton APB-286U with 2′ bend length, electric ball screw drive, CNC control and back gage (Installed 2005)
  • Fully networked

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Punching and Stamping

  • 60 ton Minster No. 6 OBI (Late rebuild by Alma press with frequency drive)
  • Federal 32 ton OBI (Installed 1982)
  • Rousselle 32 ton (Installed 1988)
  • 240 ton, 12′ Betenbender hydraulic brake, flanged bed, drilled and tapped table for fast setup of Unipunch tooling (Factory rebuilt and installed 2015)
  • Marvel-Spartan Iron worker Model IW88 with 88 ton double end, punch, notch, shear angle, round, and bar (Installed 2011)


  • Cincinnati 2512G, shearing capacity 3/8″ mild steel 12″ long, 12″ squaring arm, 48″ CNC back gage, sheet supports, roller ball table. (Manufactured 2007, Installed 2013)

Automated Sawing

  • Amada HA-250W fully automatic, with bundle clamps, in and out feed tables, soy bean based environmentally friendly coolant (Installed 2006)

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Software & Applications

  • Autocad LT 2010
  • Solidworks (Subscribed/Updated)
  • ProNest with advanced modules (True shape nesting, advanced common line cutting, advanced chain cutting, skeleton auto crop, industry software file import compatibility- such as .nc1 file types and others) (Subscribed/Updated)
  • Cam2 Measure10 Faro Arm (Subscribed/Updated)
  • Cincinnati Incorporated 3D BendSim offline brake programming
  • Messer Cutting Systems Global Tracker
  • JobBOSS ERP/MRP system, 7 shop floor data tracking stations, inventory/shipping management, bar code labels and shop routers (Subscribed/Updated)


Material Handling and Rolling Stock

  • (5) Nissan and Komatsu 5,000# triple mast forklifts (LP fueled) (As new as 2017)
  • Nissan 6,500 forklift (2016)
  • 3 ton Conco overhead crane with 3 ton Coffing wire rope hoist, 23′ span, 60′ runway
  • 10 ton Uesco overhead crane with 5 ton ShawBox wire rope hoist, 67′ span, 130′ runway, wireless remote, frequency drive (new in 2012)
  • 2 ton Cranewerks 20’x30′ four post free-standing with radio-controlled Harrington hoist
  • 1 ton Gorbel 34’x20′ free-standing workstation crane
  • 330# Gorbel Easyarm portable intelligent lifting device with vacuum lifter
  • Walker wireless electric lift magnet
  • 4200# Anver model M420M2 self-powered mechanical vacuum sheet lifter
  • 10 ton Caldwell model 60-10-96 heavy duty sheet/bundle lifter, lifts sheets up to 96″x240″
  • 5 ton Caldwell model 16-5-10 adjustable lifter/spreader bar, swivel hooks and shackles
  • International 4300 16′ stake side flatbed
  • International 4300 DT466 26′ box van
  • Ford F-350 flatbed pickup
  • Toyota Tacoma pickup
Equipment @ Tri-State Industries