Bending and forming

TSI has accomplished bending and forming capabilities. 4 CNC brakes range in tonnage from 20 ton all servo-electric brake 2 feet long to 230 ton 12 overall length hydraulic with Autocrown capability. All machines are late model and equipped with CNC controls and CNC back gauges. Our newest machine is a 2013 Cincinnati Inc. Maxform 90 ton. This is the fasted brake in the world and it is equipped with linear motor driven true 6 axis back gauge, Autocrown, 3-D offline programming, Dynamic Thickness Compensation, and quick change auto tool clamping. Materials formed include low carbon commercial quality thru Grade 50 steel, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum, copper and brass. Extensive tooling inventory including Wilson segmented & ground with Nitrex coating and custom made form dies. Air bend vee openings ranging from ½” to 8” and tool segment lengths from ½” to 12’ long. Blank and flat pattern developments are achieved using both Soildworks 3D cad and real world verification and fine-tuning. Typical run quantities range from 1 to 10,000 pieces and part sizes smaller than a playing card to 8’x10’.