Vibratory finishing and shot blasting

Whether you need a single brass casting burnished (polished) or 100,000 stampings deburred TSI has the equipment and know how. 8 machines ranging from 3 to 20 cubic feet and a large selection of tumbling media makes fast work of castings, stampings, machined parts and sawed material. The media (sometimes called “rock”) is what parts tumble in to clean and deburr. TSI has a number is sizes and styles including: stainless steel burnishing balls and saucers, plastic cones, large ceramic cylinders, small ceramic cylinders, and ceramic triangles. A Mitutoyo digital profilometer is used for accurately testing micro finish requirements.

Shot blasting involves throwing small steel BBs on to parts as they tumble, also known as “Wheel-A-Brating”. This process can mechanically remove casting flash, rust, mill scale, laser and plasma oxide, slag, and heat treat scale. Water soluble rust inhibitor and light oil rust inhibitor is available for rust protection after vibratory or shot blast cleaning.