3 robotic welding cells and 3 manual welding booths provide a great deal of versatility and production capacity. TSI primarily welds carbon steel but we have the capability to weld stainless steel and aluminum as well.

Typical robot weld jobs range from 1”x1” to 24”x52” in size and from a hand full of pieces per run to 10,000 or more. 2 of our systems feature Panasonic Tawers buss integrated power supplies/controls. These systems can produce amazing truly spatter free pulse welds, and include seam tracking and touch sensing. All robots have Torit smoke collection for a clean operating environment.

Manual welding takes place using 5 Miller and Lincoln MIG welders to 250 amps and Lincoln Tig welder. Fixtures, or jigs, are just as important to the weld process as the operator or programmer. Our welding capability is greatly enhanced by our tool room and full time tool maker with over 30 years tool room experience. Our weld fixtures are designed and made in house. This gives us the flexibility to make a “quick and dirty” weld fixture for a onetime short run job or an $8,000 weld fixture for a high volume, tight tolerance, multi part assembly.